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AV equipment 3Ultima Music is Melbourne’s leading DJ Equipment & Lighting hire services, offering premium quality services and sound at affordable prices! From chaser lights to lasers, 15-inch powered speakers to snow machines, Ultima Music has all bases covered to provide whatever audio and visual equipment you require for your special occasion. Fear not, our staff at Ultima Music are clued up to ensure that what you hire is what you want, all relevant cables and leads needed to run equipment are included at no extra cots.

From mixers, club effects lights, strobe lights, lasers, smoke machines, snowGet A FREE Quote Ultima Music machines,cordless microphones, headphones & more


Ultima Music provides top quality DJ equipment gear hire for the amateur, experienced and advanced users! Our professionals both in store and over the phone will be able to assist you 110% of the way when it comes to the set up and workings of the equipment you have hired. Please do not hesitate to contact us either through email or phone should you have any queries in relation to equipment – our phone services offer 24 hour technical support. The brands we are proudly associated with include Pioneer Australia, Sony and Sennheiser, ensuring the best quality is provided to all of our clients.


Audio & Visual Equipment Hire Available For Melbourne Rental!


Our extensive range of equipment includes but, is not limited to the following:

AV equipment

15-inch Audio Assemblers, 15-inch Wharfedale Pro, 15-inch Powered Speakers (with Internal Amplifier), Battery Powered Speakers, Powered Sub Woofers (12-inch Sub and 18-inch Sub), Amplifiers, Water Effects Lights, Flaming Effects Lights, Hallucination Lights, Mood Effects Lights, Chaser Lights, Stormbird Lights, Hyper FX Lights, Par Can 36 LED, Par Can 64 LED, Strobe Lights, Strobe LED Hire, 1500W Strobe Lights, UV Black Lights, UV LED Black Lights, Single Laser Lights, Double Laser Lights, 4 Lens Laser Lights, Flood Lights & Lighting Stands, 700W Smoke Machines, 1500W Smoke Machines, Low-Line Fog Machines, Bubble Machines, Snow Machines, Haze Machines, Cordless Handheld Microphones, Cordless Lapel Microphones, Cordless Handset Microphones, Microphones Hire, Headphones Hire, Two-Way Radios Hire, DJ Tables Hire, Speaker Stands Hire, Light Stands Hire, Long T Stands Hire, Short T Stands Hire, CDJ / Laptop Stands Hire, Camera Tripod Hire, Projector Stands Hire, H Floor Stands Hire, Projector Screens Hire, Front Screen Hire, Rear Screen Hire, Projectors Hire, Desktop Monitor Hire, Video Splitter Hire, Short Throw Lens Hire and Digital Camcorder Hire.


Professional Technical Support for All Hire Service Needs!

Our technical support staff is 100% willing to assist you in all your queries, from initial enquiry to hiring our premium quality equipment. Rest assured that all equipment we provide has been tested and meets high standards of use, ensuring that your event goes without a hitch. With sound and visual hire to cater for birthdays, corporate gatherings, school socials, weddings, sporting nights and karaoke competition nights, you can’t go wrong with Ultima Music. Feel free to contact us via email or phone should you have any technical questions in relation to equipment or hiring arrangements. Our professional staff are always willing to assist any queries you may have to ensure the best of experiences.


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AV equipment 2Hiring our top-quality equipment for your next occasion is as simple as 1…2…3…! From lasers to smoke machines, UV lights to microphones, snow machines to effects lights, Ultima Music has all audio and visual equipment covered! You can rest easy with Ultima Music, knowing that unlimited phone consultations and technical support are at your fingertips. Contact us today for a free quote and assistance to make sure you hire the correct equipment you may require.