Dry Ice Machine Hire Operator Services Melbourne

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Ultima Music takes pride in providing first-class music and entertainment services for all events – whether it be a birthday, wedding, corporate function or school social. One of our exclusive services is our mobile Dry Ice Machine hire. This can be with or without a trained operator. We provide a professional service with the ability to turn any bridal waltz, special occasion or festive event into an event to remember! Here at Ultima, we do our utmost best to cater to our clients requirements in order to ensure a stress-free, smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Get A FREE Quote Ultima MusicIf you’re in need of a Dry Ice Machine service and Ultima Music sparks your interest, please do not hesitate to be in contact with us today – through phone or email!


 A Reliable & First Class Service From Enquiry to Final Result!

Ultima Music offers the best in the business when it comes to customer satisfaction and performance. As soon as your enquiry is received by our dedicated and friendly office staff, you can rest assured that yourself as well as your guests are in good hands. Our team of professionals are trained to offer the best value for our clients at an extremely affordable rate, leaving nothing to chance. The choices are endless here at Ultima – if you are comfortable enough to operate the machine by yourself then you are more than welcome to hire. If not, we have trained professionals that can operate and handle the Dry Ice Machine on the day of your event. With Ultima Music, you can’t go wrong with our premium quality service and staff ever-willing to assist you!


Dry Ice Machine VS Low-line Fog Machines

wedding ultima dry ice service mobile hire melbourneGiven the type of function you require our high-quality equipment for, our staff here at Ultima Music will ensure you have the right equipment for the right event to fulfil the right purpose! Although Ultima Music stocks both the Low-line Fog Machine and Dry Ice Machine, both have very different characteristics for use at your special event. The Low-line Fog machine uses a smoke-creating fluid, which will set off smoke alarms when used. If venues do not permit smoke then a Dry Ice Machine is the way to go – it is also odourless and consists of CO2, which will continuously hang low until it dissipates.  The smoke produced from the Low-line Fog Machine will gradually rise as time passes.


We Sell Dry Ice Too!

Fear not, as you do not need to look far for a supplier of Dry Ice for your occasion. Ultima Music can easily cater to your requirements. Each machine comes with the standard 5L free, and should you require any more on top of that it can be arranged for only a small extra fee.


Hiring one of our Dry Ice Machines with or without an Operator is Simple!

To secure a Dry Ice Machine for your next occasion, get in touch with one of our friendly and professional staff today! You will not be disappointed – with unlimited phone support and a highly-trained operator a call away, Ultima Music can guarantee you’ll be 110% satisfied! When accompanied by a Dry Ice operator, our machine hires include free delivery. With our operators staying for 1 hour maximum as standard. (Any longer will be discussed with our friendly consultants at Ultima HQ.)

So, whether you’re looking to hire just the Dry Ice Machine or require operative services too, we can cater to your every need. With just a phone call or email away, Ultima Music is the company for you! Get your free quote today!


DJ Lighting & Additional Extras

  • Wireless Microphone
  • Additional 15-inch Speakers
  • Sub Woofers
  • Projector & Screen
  • Smoke Machine
  • Snow Machine
  • Bubble Machine
  • Lasers
  • Strobe Lights
  • UV LED Lights


The benefits of using Ultima Music Mobile Dry Ice Machine Services

  • Professionally trained Assistant to guide you at your Event
  • Dry Ice Available for Purchase
  • High Quality Equipment
  • 1 hour of operational time & free delivery with trained Operator
  • Phone Consultation
  • Direct Line: 0401 803 123
  • We arrive 30 – 45 minutes prior to Start Time
  • Our Equipment can be set up in any size room
  • We respect the rights and confidentiality of our clients


Ultima Music is proudly affiliated with brands such as Pioneer Australia, Sennheiser, Sony Australia and Acer Australia.