Website Content Disclaimer


Ultima Music gives the right for potential and current clients to view all content presented on (hereby known as “Ultima Music”) in the customer’s web browser of choice. All personal information that may be collected from clients – through forms or any other means, will be respected and kept private. Personal information refers to information which identifies the client as an individual or from which identity can be justified.


Text Content

All text content presented on Ultima Music is under copyright and may not be copied, re-produced, published or marketed either as a whole or in sections without consent from Ultima Music. Any text displayed on Ultima Music which you believe may be identical or somewhat similar to text on another website please contact us and relative information will be promptly removed.


Digital Services – Inclusive of Image & External Content

Ultima Music takes no claim nor credit for images featured – unless otherwise stated. All visual content presented on the website is under copyright to its respectful owners and every effort is made to link original content to these owners. If you own rights to any of the images presented on Ultima Music and wish these items to be swiftly removed, do not hesitate to be in contact with Ultima Music. Ultima Music reserves the right to be contacted by said owner of content prior to any legal proceedings relative to material displayed on Ultima Music website.

Ultima Music has no control over the content of any external website links that have been integrated within the website. Ultima Music will not be accounted responsible for any degradatory or offensive material displayed on these sites. Inaccuracies on Ultima Music website may also be evident – Ultima Music does not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site’s content – high maintenance however, ensures that information is relatively accurate at all times.

Ultima Music provides information and services through a range of digital and online services including websites, emails, online advertisements and social media profiles. These services are employed by Ultima Music to provide a consistent experience for those that use / have used our services and to also improve and progress upon areas in doubt.

Ultima Music may also make use of “cookies”. A cookie is a packet of information, sent back-and-forth from server to browser to identify those whom have previously accessed given sites and alternatively providing a more effective interaction with devices used. These cookies allow continuity of information within browsing sessions and remembers any information you may have entered. If you wish to block and delete cookies, there are options within your browser to do so – however, Ultima Music website may appear to have limited functionality.

Ultima Music has systems in place which record an extensive range of information obtained from interactions within the website. This information can consist of location data (if made available by user), dates, times, metadata, data entered and user activity.

Third parties may also use cookies and other technologies in conjunction with Ultima Music. Activities such as website analytics, email campaigns, forms etcetera may also be used.

Services employed by Ultima Music include Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Yahoo, Adobe and Microsoft. Ultima Music recommends that clients should refer to privacy policies for the services listed as these policies may contain information on how to opt-out of certain conduct. Keep in consideration that you may need to opt-out separately from each service. You can contact Ultima Music directly to request further details of any of the services we use. Many of these services operate without collecting or using any personal information.

Ultima Music is constantly developing and enhancing the use of online technologies employed on the website. Efforts to ensure this Privacy Policy and related documents are up to date have been implemented. Please refer back to this document should you require our services in the later future as it is subject to change.


Procedures for Access and Alteration of Information

Should you wish to access or alter any personal information acquired through Ultima Music, please do not hesitate to be in contact with us through email or phone. Should suspicious behaviour be evident surrounding the access of information, Ultima Music has the right to refuse access until further investigation.