All Age Kids Games DJs

List of Kids Games for All Ages.

Note: It is the client’s responsibility to provide needed items for the DJ to be able to play the games selected.


Jungle Knotsknot-reef-blue-backdrop-orange-and-blue-nylon-rope-

One big, messy knot of hands is what this game can guarantee as party guests twist and tumble in laughter as they try to untangle themselves! 

Players form a circle facing inwards. To begin, everyone extends their right hand into the circle and takes hold of someone else’s hand. Then they do the same with their left hands. The object of the game is to see if everyone can work together to untangle the “knot” by stepping over, ducking under or turning around each other. No matter what happens however, they can’t let go of each other’s hands!  


mummy wrap game party play kids

Mummy Wrap

Mummy wrap is a great ice-breaker party game that will be sure to get kids active and moving!

Kids pair up – one will do the wrapping, the other is the statue. When the music starts the wrapper is to wrap their partner up from head to toe. The first one to wrap up their partner completely with no clothing showing is the winner or the one who wraps their partner up the most from head to toe when the music stops is the winner!

Items required: Toilet Paper



limbo-musical party game kids fun


Classic party game that guests of all ages enjoy. How low can YOU go?
Two players will hold up a limbo stick ( usually a broom or long stick). The other players will then form a line and pass under the limbo stick, making sure not to touch the ground or the limbo stick. At the start of the game, make the stick high so everyone can go through, lowering the stick in each round. If the player touches the floor or the stick then they are out. The last player remaining is the winner!

Items required: Broom stick or Long stick


alarm clock hit the door party game dj

Hit the Door

Just like hide and seek except with a twist! Kids will enjoy hiding, spying and chasing their friends with this outdoors game. This game works best with at least 4 players.

First establish a “base” – either a door or table works great. Next choose who will be “it” (the tagger). The player chosen will then stand next to the chosen base with their eyes closed and begin counting: 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock etc. The player then continues counting till 12 o’clock. With the player who is “it” still counting, all the other players hide. When the count reaches 12 o’clock, “it” yells out “Midnight” and tries to catch all the other players who are hiding. Meanwhile, all the hiders will try to run back to base before the tagger catches them. The first to be tagged before making it back to base becomes the next player to be “it”.

Items required: Door or Table  


Musical Sets

group of people in circle musical sets game party kids fun

Watch children twist and turn as they try and get into the numbers called out – the laughter never stops!

When the music is playing, players continuously skip around the room. As soon as the music stops, a number is called out. Players then must scramble into a group of the number called out. (Make sure to call out a number so that one player is left out). The games continues until there is only one player left.  




Wheel Barrow red party game kids fun

Wheelbarrow Race

For those children wanting a little competition!

Players pair up – ideally with someone of a similar height. One player in the pair will take the role of the drive whilst the other will be the wheelbarrow. The “driver” holds onto the player’s ankles, while the other player walks on their hands. Pairs must then line up together at a start line. Once the music starts, pairs must then race other pairs to get to the finish line first. The winner is the first pair across the finish line.


balloons rainbow colours party game balloon stomp

Balloon Stomp

Some stomp and stepping fun!

Blow up balloons and attach string to balloons. Now tie string around each of the player’s ankles by stretching a rubber band over player’s feet. (Make sure player’s are wearing shoes to protect feet). As the music plays, have players step and stomp on other players’ balloons. Whoever has the last balloon around their ankle is the winner.

Items required: Balloons, string and rubber bands


parcel pass the party game fun kids

Pass the Parcel

A classic game where all players are a winner.

Get players to sit in a closed circle, facing inwards. When the music starts, pass the parcel from one player to another – passing around the circle. When the music stops, the player with the parcel takes off a layer of wrapping. This continues and the player that unravels the last wrapping gets to keep the prize inside. (Be sure to have enough layers so all players get a prize – e.g. put lollies or small prizes in between the layers so no player gets left out.

Items required: Wrapping paper and small prizes



Musical Arches

A great ice breaking game to kick start a party!

Two players hold hands and form an arch. The music then commences and other players walk through the arch then around, forming a circle. When the music stops, the two players forming an arch bring their arms down, trapping any players inside. Players trapped are out of the round and the winner is the last one whom hasn’t been caught.



Music Bounce

Great game for tiring the kids out!

Once the music starts, players are to jump up and down or dance lively to music. When the music stops, players must then sit down as fast as they can. The last player to be sitting down when the music stops is out of the round. The winner is the last player left in the game.




Simon Sayssimon says sign game kids fun party

A simple game which everyone loves.

This game can be played in so many different ways. When the DJ says “Simon says” they must then say an action like “Hop on one foot”, “Roll on the ground”, “Jump up and down” etc and players must do the action. If DJ does not say “Simon says” in front of the action, players must not do action. The winner is the player remaining. Stay on one theme, i.e. Animals – making the sounds and actions of animals; monkeys, elephants, chickens.



Musical Dice

A game where it’s all left to chance!

Before the game starts, pieces of paper numbered 1-6 should be placed in the four corners and two sides of a room. Once the music starts, players must then move around the room until the music stops. As soon as the music stops, players then choose a number to go to. The DJ then rolls the dice and whoever is on the number the dice lands on is out of the round. The winner is the remaining player.

Items required: Dice and paper



Musical ChairsMusical-Chairs kids party game fun happy ultima music

A classic party game that everyone loves!

Before the game starts, all players must have a chair except one. When the music starts, all players are to move around the chairs. As soon as the music stops, players needed to find a vacant chair to sit in. The player left standing is out of the round. One chair is then taken away and the game continues until one person is left and declared the winner.

Items required: Chairs



musical note numbers template party game kids funMusical Numbers

This game makes sure no one leaves empty handed. 

Create a circle of numbered papers on the ground for each player. Then place another set of these numbers in a hat. Once the music starts, the players must then dance around the circle. When the music stops, the players must stand on the next number and the DJ will pull a slip of paper from the hat. The player on the number pulled out then leaves the game with their numbered paper and chooses a prize from a basket. Continue until all of the children are out of the game.

Items required: Hat or container, paper and small prizes.



Cat Tails

Ginger domestic kitten (Felis catus) rolling on back playing

A fun chase and stomp party game, best played in a large open space.

Before starting, have players attach long pieces of toilet paper to the back of their pants (long enough so it’s just hitting the ground). Once all players have their “tails”, the game can now start. Each player is a “cat” and must try and take the tail off the other “cats” by either stomping or grabbing the tail with their hands. The winner is the last person with their tail still attached.

Items required: Toilet paper


dragon statue roses party game


Watch the laughter as kids try their hardest to stay still. 

As the music plays, players must dance around. As soon as the music stops the players must be as still as possible. If any players are caught moving they are out of the round. Repeat this as many times as you want, the remaining player is the winner.